Dr. Marion Grass-Racic*

Hilgerthausen D-86567, February 2008


As a German-born female citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, I distance myself totally from the internationally illegitimate recognition of the self-styled “State of Kosovo" by our federal government. We feel that this government is not representing us.


Since its own reunification, our country has unfortunately been in the forefront of the dismantling of functional sovereign states. Particularly in Yugoslavia, ethnic unrest was successfully provoked and civil wars started, for which then the numerically dominant Serbs, who were attacked first, were made responsible as a scapegoat, usually with the help of false accusations. Thereby not even historical falsifications were spared.

One of these is the claim that Kosovo is Albanian. The truth is that Kosovo is as Serbian as Wittelsbach country is Bavarian. "Kosovo Polje," Amselfeld (Field of Blackbirds), is a Slavic word and Kosovo is Serbian heartland. Actually, it is Kosovo-Metohija, or abbreviated Kosmet or Kim, but the Metochien were monastery lands, and the word monastery the Albanians do not want to hear. The Serbs were far in the majority and marked the area with their indigenous culture. Then the Ottomans settled Islamic Albanians – also called Squipetaren or Arnauten – and additional Albanians poured in, later sometimes illegally, because they were better off in Yugoslavia than in Albania. Possessed by the idea of a Greater Albania, they had since the 19th century ( "League of Prizren") been nurturing the plan of seizing the whole province, even though (somewhat in contrast to the Kurds, Basques, etc.) they had received their own state, namely Albania. They were reinforced in this scheme by Nazi Germany and also by Tito. Given today’s course of events, Hitler would turn around for joy in his grave, if he had one.

Towards the end of the 20th century the Albanians, who with their population policy had in the meantime become a relative majority, more precisely their "Liberation Army" KLA and its combatants, began to take action in the form of boycotts, riots, repression and expulsion of the other minorities and their own, peaceful country men, harassment, rape, deadly attacks on policemen, and finally murder-distilleries. When the security forces attempted to defend themselves, the militant Albanians urged NATO to come in and bombard the country. Faced with this attack and the terror of their own KLA, the Albanian civilians then began to flee, whereby the flow of refugees was partly staged for television. Yugoslavia was overpowered and forced to surrender. It signed a ceasefire agreement, in which the integrity of its territory and the jurisdiction over Kosovo as an integral part of its country were promised. This was expressly formulated in resolution 1244, on which the state placed its trust. Its legal successor Serbia made it the basis of all negotiations on the status of Kosovo, in which the Albanians were offered broad autonomy.

This contract has now been broken by the West. In tow of the United States, which has massive economic and geostrategic interests on the Balkans, the Federal Republic of Germany has recognized a pseudo-state, which after the ethnic cleansing calls itself: multiethnic, after Mafia  dominated smugglers with diplomatic suitcases , drug traffickers and women dealers: democratic, and after continued attacks against the Christian culture of the country: European.

The posting of EU representatives, which is also illegal, to help with "the establishment of the rule of law” cannot change matters at hand.  Out of a state founded on injustice and massive bombardment can never emerge the rule of law. Kosovo will remain a colony of the United Nations, specifically the United States. Given the contamination of the region with NATO depleted uranium ammunition, the well-being of its inhabitants is at risk. The EU, however, has decisively weakened itself and was, as Serbian Prime Minister Kostunica has quite rightly pointed out, once again humiliated by the United States. According to all legal principles, however, Kosovo is and will remain Serbian.

The above text was refused by the SZ ("Süddeutsche Zeitung") as a letter to the editor. I add here a small addition:

I am ashamed of the Federal German Republic and the EU, and welcome civil disobedience and the greatest possible peaceful resistance by the Serbs.


* * *


Commentary by the Translator: Similarly to Dr. Marion Gras-Racic, I am, as a Dutch citizen, ashamed of the fact, even though not surprised, that the Dutch government, which prides itself in housing the capital of international law in The Hague, has in violation of international law seen fit to recognize the independence of Kosovo. In response to her call for civil disobedience and peaceful resistance, the following possibilities come to mind:

  1. Readers who sympathize with this declaration could manifest their support by sending a reaction to this weblog and spreading it themselves as much as possible;
  2. Measures could be taken to translate and disseminate the declaration in as many languages and countries as possible. In order to secure the widest possible circulation, a Serbian and/or International Human Rights Organization could then provide, or secure from interested and well willing persons and parties, the necessary funds in order to place the declaration in as many newspapers and journals as possible as paid advertisements;
  3. On the basis of such and further measures to educate the general public on the illegal and immoral grounds on which the decision to recognize the independence of Kosovo was based, demonstrations in European and perhaps also American, Canadian and Australian cities could be organized in an attempt to convince the guilty governments to rescind their faulty decision, thereby possibly resolving a crisis situation that otherwise could lead to a disastrous war between Serbia and NATO, ultimately involving Russia. Even if these measures do not or only partly succeed, they are, considering what is at stake here, in any event worth their while.

Robert J. Kelder,

Willehalm Institute, Amsterdam  


* Note by the translator: Dr. Marion Gras-Racic is (or was) married to a Serb. In 1967, she wrote a book entitled "Yugoslavia", which in a review was termed a "cultural-historic standard work on the country and people of this multi-ethnic nation, which has now been broken up in several countries, such as Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, etc. Furthermore, she translated the book “The Raw Youth” by Dostojewski into German. (RJK)

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