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Barack Obama does not realize that his America is not the same as George Bush’s was, neither that he cannot do with Tehran what Bush did to Baghdad.

  The descension of the President of the USA, Barack Obama, from the platform of the United Nations in New York, was followed by launching medium-range missiles in Iran by the President of Iran Mohammad Ahmadinejad. Obama remained thunderstruck. Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy, the prime ministers of Great Britain and France, remained thunderstruck, too.

The act of the haughty Iranian president made the silence of a scared world freeze…

Wicked things emerge to the world wherever one looks.

  Barack Obama, in his addressing to Iran, uses the same kind of threats with which his predecessor used to Iraq. George Bush, Junior, occupied Iraq, overwhelmed with fear because of the possibility of launching an atomic bomb onto Tehran, which was very certain.

  Obama is overwhelmed with fear because of the same possibility – the launching of the Iranian atomic bomb. It is not said in public, but it is certain what the target of the bomb could be.

  The thing which is not comprehended is that Barack Obama’s America is not the same as George Bush’s America was, nor that Obama can handle the situation the way Bush did. Bush’s America did not hesitate to organize for itself the Eleventh of September in the year of 2001, in order to make the world admit that terrorism exists in the world – a show which neither was nor will ever be. When the world admitted the existence of terrorism, Bush forestalled Saddam Hussein while he was preparing the mounting of the A-bomb.

  But, what now? The Baghdad bomb was not mounted. The fuel remained, but it cannot be destroyed; nuclear fuel can be destroyed only by an explosion. If there is no bomb, the fuel cannot be destroyed. The fuel left like this is a greater danger than an exploding bomb; free and unused nuclear fuel could indeed be disintegrated only by nature. However, approximately a thousand years are needed for such disintegration. Is Obama aware of the circumstances in which his country is found, in the presence of the occupation of Iraq? How long will he, actually, and all the other presidents who are to come, have to tie America with the fate of Iraq in the presence of nuclear fuel, which is prepared and not used, and in the circumstances when America confronted Iran?

  Such turmoil can be understood in different ways, but one thing is indisputable – the world has never been in front of the danger of self-destruction as it is today. America can be seen in a way how one likes, but America more than all the large and small powers has the responsibility for a possible nuclear accident which could happen to planet Earth and which could entirely destroy it in the time ahead of us.

  The threat does not come from the large powers, but from the small ones.

  America, a large power, has given the nuclear technology to many small powers – easily, as if it were a Hollywood entertainment which cheers the world in question. America has not given this technology only to North Korea, a fake state creation which was given this technology by the Soviets and Chinese. Nevertheless, the Soviets and the Chinese impose severe discipline on Korea, the same way as one keeps a tight rein on a wild horse.

  America has given the nuclear technology to Iraq and Iran as a gift. America gave them this delicate and too expensive resource at the same time, in the same way, under the same conditions and for the same purposes. America did it as a sign of sincere and long-lasting friendship with these nations, but with a childish oversight that these two nations have had a relationship with unbearable suspicion and historical animosity from the time of genesis.

  The bestowal took place under the circumstances of invisibility and without the world knowing it during the reign of Shah Reza Pahlavi. The Shah accepted the formula, bearing an irresistible dream in his mind – to bring back the old glory of Persia to the Iranians, but not with the A-bomb, but with oil which had the price of 45 dollars per barrel, when it cost six dollars on the drill-holes. For that purpose, he founded the OPEC, which had the task to dictate the conditions under which the Iranian people would have the glory of Persia back.

  America removed the Shah from the throne, and the Europeans brought Imam Khomeini to be the ruler of Iran. Nevertheless, Imam had the same dream; the difference was that the army of Iran was to spread the glory of Islam, not of Persia, throughout the world, with the resource of the atomic bomb. America said: “No!”

  Imam made his answer by breaking the diplomatic relations. The Europeans stood on America’s side. Imam put the Europeans under the same embargo – nearly with all of them, just as with America, he broke diplomatic relations.

  Then, Saddam Hussein stood up against Imam. According to Saddam, the Iranian army could not spread the glory of Islam throughout the world. Islam is the religion of the Arab people, not the Persian. It originated in Iraq, and the bearers were the Sunni Arabs.

  The people of Iran are the Shi’a variant of Islam, the minority of the religion. Barely ten percent of Islamists are Shi’ites.

 Islam is a tradition of the powerful merchant class of Arabs from the plain areas located between Tigris and Euphrates, with Baghdad as the capital of the Islamic religion. The Iraqi people are the successors of the Mesopotamian civilization and the Babylon epoch, and Islam originated in their native land. Therefore, only the Iraqi army can spread the glory of Islam around the world. Saddam imagined that only an army which is invincible can do this, and so he attacked Iran.

  The ten-year war between Iraq and Iran ended – with a tie, without a winner and an underdog. And then Saddam, in order to ensure his army the attribute of invincibility, turned to Kuwait and occupied it. America reacted and expelled the Iraqis from Kuwait and, therefore, provoked a hard and permanently unsolvable conflict between these two countries. This conflict spread like ashes over the Iraqi dream of spreading the glory of Islam throughout the world.

  Imam’s dream of an Islamic Revolution and of the glory of Islam was preserved. When the diplomatic relations between Iran and the western world came to a standstill, the collaboration in the field of atomic resources came to a standstill, too. In 1983, I saw a consignment with the complete equipment for a nuclear power plant of one thousand megawatts, packed and not delivered, in a factory for producing equipment for nuclear power plants in Frankfurt on Main. It was intended for Iran, but it remained in Frankfurt.

 Europe and America were silent about this. Because, when the Europeans stood on America’s side during the Iran-America conflict in 1981, Imam rejected the Europeans from Iranian threshold once and for all and turned to the Soviets.

  The Europeans and probably the Americans did not understand that the ten-year war between Iran and Iraq represented only a hope for a bloody achievement of one of the phases of nuclear dream of both political elites in power of these nations. The war had to deceive the world and the great world powers with its long duration so that the Islamic leaders of both countries could be able to develop their nuclear resources in the interiors of their countries at leisure and be able to achieve their neurotic goals. During that time, in the World’s Order of the Cold War, both countries belonged to the Third World, that is, to the ideological and political synthesis which expressed concern because the Order was overfilled with nuclear weapons.

  Europe missed the chance to be a patron to these imperialistic ambitions of its eternal hinterland. It also missed the chance to neutralize and to hold under control these ambitions with which the past is diverted into the future by means of  technological resources. Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia have packed plans for the development of nuclear technology. The same plans have also Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. The West did not understand this, but it should have. Today’s Iranian elite in power follows the tradition of the deceased Imam with the same haughtiness, which means that the relations between Iran and the West have remained the same during all these decades. Unbearable, as it was.

  The sphere of nuclear technology in Iran was won by the Russians.

  The Russians are silent now.

  It would not be advisable to conclude that they like the agony of the Western leaders who are frightened with the arbitrary behaviour of the small owners of nuclear technology in the Middle East. And, of course, in other areas of the planet Earth. They have it, but the tragic thing is that nobody in these small countries knows the doctrine of nuclear technology. I still remember an incident in the nineties of the last century, while I was reporting about these topics and events in the newspaper “Politika“: the director of the National Institute for nuclear technology in Pakistan, the country which was given this resource by the Americans, stated that: “…Pakistani missles with warheads are ready to fly to New Delhi. A wink from the politicians is only waited for.“

  If such a threat was said by an expert for nuclear technology, what could then be expected by simple minded politicians who decide on everything. Pakistan would have thrown an atomic bomb on India, if America had not holded Pakistan under its control, the same way as the Russians and the Chinese hold North Korea.  Therefore, the Russians are silent, not because they want to exult in the weakness of the Western leaders who want to prevent a possible catastrophe of the Planet. They are aware that if one of the small powers uses this sinister resource, the others will use it too. They would not use it for self-defence, but for their need to express themselves. If something like this happens, and something like this is about to happen, it will be the end of Planet Earth and all the living creatures on it.

  If America and Great Britain strike with France, which has joined them, on Iran, episodes like with Iraq will not be repeated. That would be a definitive tragedy of mankind.


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