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danger that Islam and Muslims pose to western civilization
Oriana Fallaci
BY Oriana Fallaci 
danger that Islam and Muslims pose to western civilization
Van: Branko Popazivanov (brpopaz@qlink.ca)

donderdag 4 september 2008 9:40:56

To those who really want to be informed about the danger that Islam and Muslims pose to western civilization I recommend reading just two books: The Force of Reason by Oriana Fallaci and The Sword of the Prophet by Serge Trifkovic. We need to wake up from our self induced apathy and desire to live comfortable lives and  an overwhelming desire not be confronted or to be bothered by uncomfortable and troubling truths. Someone said that for evil to triumph all that is necessary is that good men do nothing. I attach a number of articles and texts to this email which give credence to my claims. I hope and wish for the best, but dark clouds gather on the horizon and I am not talking here about the weather.
I enclose Fallaci’s text below as well as an attachment.

Following is part of speech given by Oriana Fallaci delivered on November 28th, 2005 when the Center for the Study of Popular Culture conferred to her the “Annie Taylor award” “to honour her heroism and valor as a symbol of the Resistance to Islamo-fascism and as a warrior in the cause of human freedom.” The complete speech is contained at the end of her book, The Force of Reason (Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., 2006)


At the risk of disavowing the boundless respect that Americans claim towards any religion, I must also clear up what follows. (Besides, something that I already said in The Force of Reason). How come that, in a country where 85 percent of the citizens say to be Christian, so few rebel to the ludicrous offensive which is going on against Christmas?!? How come that so few protest when your Caviar Left speaks about abolishing Christmas-holidays, Christmas-trees, Christmas-songs, the same expressions Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas?!? How come that so few don’t rebel against the phony liberals who like Talibans delight when in the name of secularism a Ten Commandment’s monument gets removed from a Birmingham square? And how come that so many initiatives are taken, meanwhile, in favour of the Islamic religion? How come that in places like the Michigan suburb of Detroit, for instance, the predominantly Polish and Catholic Detroit where a Noise-Ordinance forbids the sound of the bells, Muslim minority has obtained that local muezzins broadcast their noisy prayers from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.? How come that in a country where the Law orders to erase from public sites all symbols of Christianity and Christian prayers, like Dell Computers and Tyson Foods comply with the Islamic request of granting liturgical accommodations to their Islamic employers? And this in spite of the fact that their frequent prayers disrupt the assembly-line work? How come that professor Ward Churchill has not been fired by the University of Colorado for praising Bin Laden and September 11 but a Washington Radio host has been fired for accusing Muslim religion to be behind terrorism? Now, let me conclude this evening with the last crucial points.


First point. I do not see Islamic terrorism as the main weapon of the war that the sons of Allah have declared on us. Both in the Right and in the Left, everybody focuses on terrorism. Everybody. Even the leftist radicals. (Which does not surprise me because blaming terrorism is their alibi. Their way to clean their unclean conscience). But terrorism is only one face of this war. The most visible, yes. The bloodiest and the most barbarous, of course. Yet, paradoxically, not the most pernicious. Not the most catastrophic. In my opinion, the most pernicious and most catastrophic is the religious one. The one from which all the other faces derive. Beginning with the face of immigration. Dear friends: it is immigration, not terrorism, the Trojan Horse which has penetrated the West and transformed Europe in Eurabia. It is immigration, not terrorism, the weapon for which since four years I cry “Troy burns-Troy bums”. An immigration which in Europe-Eurabia far exceeds the Mexican trespass that (with the blessing of your Left and the imprimatur of your Right) the United States bear. Only in the twenty-five countries which form the European Union, at least twenty-five million Muslims. A number that does not include the illegal ones never expelled. Up to now, other fifteen million and probably more. And given the Muslim irrepressible inexorable implacable fertility, such figure is expected to double in 2016. To triple or to quadruple if Turkey becomes a European Union member. In fact Bernard Lewis prophesies that within 2100 the whole of Europe will be also numerically dominated by Muslims. And Bassam Tibi (the official deputy of the so-called Moderate Islam in Germany) adds: “The problem is not to establish whether within 2100 the greatest majority or the totality of Europeans will be Muslim: one way or another, they will. The problem is whether Islam destined to dominate Europe will be an Euro-Islam or the Islam of Sharia.” Which is why I don’t either believe in the Dialogue with Islam. Why I sustain that such dialogue is a monologue, a soliloquy nourished by our naivete or unconfessed despair. And why, about this topic, I strongly dissent from Pope Ratzinger who insists on that monologue with dismaying hope. (Once again, Holy Father: of course I too would like a world where everybody loves everybody and nobody is enemy of anybody. But the enemy is there, Holy Father. It’s there, and it has no intention of dialoguing with you and with us).


Second point. I don’t either believe in the so-called pluri-culturalism’s (“ multiculturalism” as it’s called in Canada) fib. (And, in connection with that fib: do you know that the Barbican Center Theater of London has censored Tamburlaine the Great, the drama written in 1587 by Christopher Marlowe? At a certain point of the drama, remember, Christopher Marlowe makes Tamburlaine burn the Koran. While the Koran burns, he also makes him challenge the Prophet by shouting: “Now, if you have the power, come down and make a miracle!”. And, given the fact that these words and the Koran burning infuriated local Muslims, the Barbican Theater has cut off the whole scene). Even less I believe in the fib called Integration. Integration means accepting and respecting (plus teaching your children to accept and respect) the rules, the laws, the way of life, the culture of the place you want to live in. When you impose your presence on a country which didn’t call you and however keeps you, integrating is the least you can comply with. Even more so, if you ask and obtain to become a citizen: a status which requires loyalty, reliability, trustworthiness, and possibly love for the Homeland you chose. Well: in Europe-Eurabia the other immigrants more or less integrate. Those who come from countries of Christian culture, I mean. From Russia, from Ukraine, from Bulgaria, from Hungary, from Slovenia. Even the questionable Chinese who defiantly lock themselves up in their mafiose enclaves, do somehow integrate. Muslims don’t. Maybe here, in the United States, they do. In Europe, they don’t. They don’t even care to learn our languages. Glued to their mosques, to their Islamic Centers, to their hostility better yet their abhorrence and contempt for the West, they only obey the rules and the laws of Sharia. In return they impose on us their habits, their way of life. Food and polygamy included. In order to realize that Muslim immigrants have no intention to integrate with us infidel-dogs you only have to consider the Intifada which this Fall has burst in the region of Paris then all over France. Do you really believe what the media tells when it tells that those riots were exclusively due to unemployment and poverty? Do you really believe that they had nothing to do with the war declared on us by Islam?


Those riots were and are another weapon of this war. They belonged and belong to the strategy of the Islamic invasion of Europe. A clever strategy indeed. Because, thanks to it, today’s Islamic expansionism does not need the armies and the fleets of its dead Ottoman Empire. it only needs the hordes of immigrants who daily arrive by boat. A clever strategy also because it does not scare as their armies and their fleets and their scimitars used to. And because it requires time, patience, new generations to grow. Weren’t the British karnikazes of July 7 immigrants of second and third generation? Aren’t the French rioters of this Fall immigrants of second and third and even fourth generation? If I am wrong, tell me why among those rioters there were not poor and unemployed Chinese or Vietnamese or Philippinos or East European immigrants. Tell me why they were all Muslim Arabs, Muslim North-Africans. Tell me why in burning cars and buses and schools and pre-schools and post-offices and houses they yelled “Allah akbar, Allah akbar”. Tell me why, when interviewed by journalists, they said “We are not French, we don’t want to be French”. Tell me why they acted in such a coordinated way, as if behind their deliriousness there were the mind of some Al Qaeda. Tell me also why, in Europe, Muslim immigrants materialize the 1974 Bournedienne’s warning: “Soon we shall irrupt in the North emisphere. And not as friends. We shall irrupt to conquer. And we shall conquer by populating your territory with our children. It will be the womb of our women to give us victory”.


Oh, yes. If we don’t open our eyes and our minds, if we don’t stop being so inert and suicidal, we Italians and French and Germans and British and Swedish and Danish and Dutch and so on, we’ll soon reach the status that Comanches and Apaches and Cherokees and Navajos and Cheyennes and so on reached when we stole their continent. What is now America. Year 2016? Year 2 100? In speaking of the Muslim future domination of Europe-Eurabia, some scholars already refer to us Europeans as to the “natives”. To the “indigenous”, to the “aborigines”. At this pace we too shall end in the reservations.


Third and final point. I do not believe in the fraudolence of Moderate Islam. As I object in Oriana Fallaci interviews herself and The Apocalypse, what Moderate Islam?!? The one of the mendacious imams who once in a while blame a slaughter but soon after add a litany of “but”, “however”, “neverthless”?!? Is it enough not to handle explosives, not to cut heads off, or to chatter about peace-and-mercy, to be considered Moderate Muslims? Is it enough to wear double-breast suits instead of djellabahs, blue jeans instead of burkas or chadors, in order to be called the same way? And is it a moderate Muslim a Muslim who cudgels his wife or wives or kills his daughter if she falls in love with a Christian? Moderate Islam is another invention of ours. Another illusion fabricated by naivete or Quislingness or misplaced realpolitik. Moderate Islam does not exist. And it does not exist because there is not such a thing as Good Islam or Bad Islam. There is Islam and that’s all. And Islam is the Koran. Nothing but the Koran. And the Koran is the Mein Kampf of a religion which has always aimed to eliminate the others. A religion which identifies itself with politics, with governance. Which does not concede a nail’s chip to free thought, to free choice. Which wants to substitute democracy with the mother of all totalitarianisms: theocracy. As I wrote in the essay The Enemy we treat as a friend, it is the Koran not my aunt Caroline which calls non-Muslims “infideldogs”, meaning inferior beings, and which boasts that such dogs stink like monkeys or camels or pigs. It is the Koran not my aunt Caroline which asks to suppress them or at least subjugate them. It is the Koran not my aunt Caroline which humiliates women and preaches the Holy War, the Jihad. Ah! Read it over, that Mein Kampf. Whatever the version, you find out that all the evil which the sons of Allah commit against us and against themselves comes from that book. It is written in that book. And if saying so means vilifying Islam, Mr. judge of my next trial, suit yourself. Do sentence me to all the years of prison you want. In prison I shall continue to repeat what I say now. I shall continue to shout: “Wake up, West, wake up! They have declared war on us, we are at war! And in war we must fight”.


See? I could go on forever in sermonizing about these things. So I stop and I say: dear David, dear Daniel, dear Robert, dear comrades-in-arms with whom I share this award, dear friends of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture: indeed we fulfill a very difficult, a very grievous duty. The duty of speaking the Truth. And in speaking the Truth, giving voice to the voiceless. To the people who are misinformed or not informed at all, who sleep or don’t think with their heads. And nevertheless people who when informed wake up, think with their heads and get to think what they did not know they were thinking.


We are not many, I admit. But we exist. We have always existed. We shall always exist. Under any fascism, any bolshevism, any McCartyism, any Islamism, any cancer of the brain, any cancer of the soul. And no matter the insults, the pillories, the persecutions, the mockeries, even the jails and the gulags and also the gallows which strike the body not the soul. Believe me: as bitter as it may be cal ling ourselves “outlaws-heretics-dissidents” in a society which defines itself as democratic and free, we really are the new heretics. The new outlaws. The new dissidents. So let me close this way: I am not as young and energetic as you are. I am not as healthy as I hope you are. To be blunt and brutal, I am hopelessly ill. I have reached what doctors call the End of the Road and I shall not last long. But the fact that you do what you do, that you will be here when I will be gone, helps me a lot to perform my duty against our enemies. To give them hell up to my last gasp of life. Better: as I said when I started talking, I don’t caress the idea of imitating Annie Taylor. I am no fool. But if necessary, truly necessary, all right… I will take a deep breath, I will close my eyes, maybe I will make the Sign of Cross, (just in case and out of respect), then I will also jump over Niagara Falls.


Okay? Thanks for listening to me.


Oriana Fallaci



This passage below is taken from 40 page proselytizing booklet on Islam titled “Islam: Brief Guide to Understanding Islam, 16 hot topics.” Needless to say this booklet is full of lies, distortions, contradictions and outright fabrications about Islam. Every page of this booklet contains outright lies in profusion. For example on page 31 in a section on Jihad it states: “Glorious Quran never condones the killing of innocent people. Terrorizing the civilian population can never be termed as jihad and can never be reconciled with the teachings of Islam.” Yet this statement is contradicted on page 37 and page 39 where it states: “[Orthodox Christian beliefs] …to be polytheism and is absolutely forbidden in Islam. Likewise giving the attributes of the Creator to His creation is a great sin, which in Islam is opposition to monotheism. This belief is in contradiction to the teaching of the Prophets and Messengers of God.” (p. 37)  And then it is again contradicted on page 39 where it states: “It should be borne in mind that worship not dedicated to Allah alone, will be rejected as one form of polytheism or shirk, which amount to apostasy from the Islamic point of view.” So if Christians, Jews, Buddhists etc. “do not worship Allah alone” they are apostates according to Islam and are not “innocent” and are defined as “great sinners” according to Islam for believing doctrines that differ from Islam. History as well as current events provide ample bloody evidence how Muslims treat or mistreat those of different faiths who do not accept Muslim religious teachings. In Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Muslims who convert to other faiths are sentenced to death for this “offence” and non-Muslim religions are severely censored and restricted in these same Muslim countries. For example in Saudi Arabia carrying The Bible or any other non-Muslim religious symbol or artifact in public is a criminal act punished by long prison sentences.  So to claim that Islam is a religion of “peace, tolerance and justice” as is claimed in this booklet is to grossly misstate the truth about Islam. Also keep in mind that Muhammad who lived some 600 years after Jesus, claims that his version about Jesus’ life is more accurate than the Biblical version which was written by eyewitnesses and apostles who actually lived with Jesus and wrote first hand accounts about events in Jesus’ life which they themselves witnessed first hand or which they obtained from actual eyewitnesses and closest associates of Jesus. Therefore, to claim that Muhammad’s writings on Jesus are more accurate and a fuller version of the “truth” is simply preposterous and the height of arrogance, megalomania and boundless conceit, all characteristics which by the way, accurately describe the personality and character of Muhammad the founder and father of Islam.




There are many questions that come to mind when the name Jesus (PBUH) is mentioned. Some people say he was a prophet; others call him a god, while others say he, was a very wise man. But whatever your idea is, one thing remains certain: he was not an ordinary man. So if there is something special about him, why all the confusion? Just who was Jesus anyway?


His Origin


Jesus (PBUH) lived about 2,000 years ago in ancient Palestine when the Roman Empire was at its zenith. He was not conceived in the usual way, but was implanted in the womb of a young woman named Mary. God simply commanded, "Be" and he was. In this sense, he was "a word" of God and a special sign for humanity. In fact, he was the last in a long line of religious guides sent to the Jews.


Mary, the Blessed


Mary was a righteous woman. Her mother dedicated her to God’s service even before she was born. As a child, she lived a life marked by health and righteousness, which others pointed to in admiration. She was raised by Zechariah (PBUH), the father of John "the Baptist", who instilled in her, a beautiful sense of faith in God. When she had become a young woman, Mary sought to purify herself further before her Lord. Knowing that the hustle of life in the towns was distracting, she withdrew from her people to a sanctuary in the East. There she could meditate in seclusion and peace. Suddenly, on a day that seemed no different from the rest, an angel of God visited her, disguised in the likeness of a human. Afraid of so strange a sight, Mary prayed for protection, but the strange being reassured her and declared that he was a messenger from the Lord to announce the glad-tidings of a faultless son. Mary, astounded, asked how this was possible seeing that no man had ever touched her. But the angel replied. "Your Lord says, it is easy for Me …" But when she felt the little child within her, she fled her sanctuary out of fear of what her family would do or say when they heard the news. Mary, however, was not to face hardship. When in her despair she cried out to God for oblivion, a voice soothed her and she found shade and a cool spring. Under a date-palm in the warmth of late summer, she made her dwelling and there bore the child unlike any other in human history.


Shortly thereafter, Mary returned to her community carrying the child who was to be called Messiah, Jesus (PBUH), and son of Mary. When her people saw her with the baby in her arms they couldn’t believe their eyes, let alone accept her word. They refused to believe when she told of an angel who came and told her she was chosen above all other women to carry this burden. They accused her of infidelity and implied that she had ruined the family name. Mary, being overwhelmed, simply motioned towards the child meekly.


The Miracles


Now the child was the product of a miracle and consequently, miraculous things began to happen. In defense of his mother and of the truth, the infant Jesus (PBUH) spoke saying, "I am a servant of God. He has given me Scripture and has made me a Prophet. He has blessed me wherever I may be and has made prayer and charity my duty as long as I live." This put the detractors to rest.


Throughout his youth, Jesus (PBUH) remained dutiful to his mother and developed quickly in intelligence, wisdom, and piety. He dumfounded the learned and was greatly admired by those around him who appreciated his talents. He claimed to be a sign of God and a Messenger to the Israelites.


His people had strayed from the spirit of truth and placed their trust in legalism, thereby burying their sense of mercy beneath dusty scrolls and rituals. Finally, when he came of age, Jesus (PBUH) began to travel and preach throughout the land of Palestine about a return to the truth of the old revelations and a rejection of all that man had added. In his task he was supported by the spirit of truth, the angel Gabriel.


The Gospel, His Message


He taught that love and mercy overcome hate and anger and that only a true and sincere faith in the Creator and obedience to His Will can bring a person salvation in this life as well as in the next. To reinforce his message, which was called "Injeel" (Good News), God granted him the performance of miracles. He healed the sick, uplifted the distressed and revived the dead. All these things he did with the permission of God, never taking credit for them himself.


He led a simple and pious life. Soon he attracted an inner-circle of devoted followers who listened to his teachings with fervor and humility. These disciples, among them Peter, Barnabas, and John helped him carry the message of Divine Love to the people. They helped him in his mission.


A Test of Wills


But no righteous man of God is without trial and tribulation. As the message of Jesus (PBUH) began to gain wider acceptance, a small clique of hypocrites and evil men began to plot against him. They were the priests and leaders of the Jews whose position and wealth depended upon their place as the sole interpreters of religion to the masses. They pursued him and his followers and eventually captured him. Though they abused him, he never renounced his faith in the one God. So in their anger they plotted to crucify him on a Roman cross, But Jesus (PBUH) slipped from their grip at the last moment, and all the while they thought they had succeeded. They were sure they had killed him but God answered Jesus’ prayer and saved him from their schemes. Confusion overtook the mob and they might have killed the man who betrayed Jesus instead. In any case, Jesus (PBUH) escaped from their grasp. Then God removed Jesus (PBUH) from this world into another dimension, to a place with Him, not to return until a later time. Allah Says in the holy Quran: “That they said (in boast), we killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, Mary the messenger of Allah.” But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no certain knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surly they killed him not- Nay Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is exalted in Power, Wise” (Al-Qur’an, chapter 4, verses 157:158)


With their teacher gone, the devoted followers of Jesus (PBUH) tried to maintain the purity and simplicity of his teachings. But they were soon besieged and overtaken by a flood of Roman and Greek influences, which eventually so buried and distorted the message of Jesus (PBUH) that only a little of its truth now remains. Strange doctrines of Jesus being a man-god, of God dying, of saint worship and of God being made up of different parts came into vogue and were accepted by many of those who took the name “Christians” centuries after Jesus (PBUH).(1) Muslims believe this to be polytheism and it is absolutely forbidden in Islam. Likewise giving the attributes of the Creator to His creation is a great sin, which in Islam is opposition to monotheism. This belief is in contradiction to the teaching of the Prophets and Messengers of God. (2)


The only records that have come down to us concerning Jesus (PBUH) are some sketchy biographical material, poorly researched and compiled, which can in no way be representative of the full and accurate Message of Jesus (PBUH), the Son of Mary. The time of the final and incorruptible Message was not yet at hand. It would be left to the last prophet of God, Muhammad (PBUH), to clarify the truth from man’s additions and deletions.


Jesus (PBUH) taught the same eternal message that was taught by all the Messengers of God. from Adam, on through Noah, Abraham, Moses and ending with the mission of God’s last Guidepost to humanity, Muhammad (peace be on them all), whose coming was foretold by Jesus himself.


Every  nation and even, people, from the Aztecs to the Greeks, have received a Prophet or a Messenger from God. Jesus (PBUH) was the last of a series of Messengers sent to the Israelites, but they consistently strayed from the path of surrender to God. Each of the many Messengers spoke a different language and followed varied customs. Yet the core faith taught by each was the same: surrender your imperfect and fickle will to the perfect will of the Power that is greater than you. You will then find the peace and freedom that only the Creator of all things can provide. Then you must do what is right and good to your fellow creatures. This way of life is called Islam (surrender to God and find peace).



(1) It was in the ancient city of Nicea (which is located in modern today Turkey approximately 700 miles or 1,000 km NNW of Jerusalem near the Roman capitol) that the First council of Nicea convened, 325 years after the birth of Jesus (PBUH). It was at this council that Jesus (PBUH) was declared by the majority of the council members to be divine rather that God’s Prophet and Messenger. The concept of the Trinity was established by declaring that Jesus (PBUH) was the same and equal to God. This is in direct opposition to the Abrabamic principles of monotheism, which Jesus (PBUH) himself called people to and affirmed.


(2) Even though Christian and Jews may violate some of the monotheistic tenets of their original Abrahamic faith, Islam refer, to them respectfully as the "People of the Book." They are referred to in this way because they have received revealed laws and scriptures form God and do recognize some of his Prophets.





















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